Life Focus, Inc.
Counseling & Consulting

Life Focus, Inc. is committed to providing new and established inpatient or outpatient treatment practices and facilities with the following customized consulting services:
* Detailed review of present treatment practice guidelines and policies.
* Review of current client treatment strategies and programming.
* Management, staff and client interaction analysis.
* Provide a written and oral summary that is both objective and relevant to
   the needs of your organization and your clientele.
Life Focus, Inc. strives to assist organizations reach their maximum potential by providing a comprehensive review of their overall treatment effectiveness, customer (clients and their families) services, and organization environment.  Only when these critical components are effective can individuals and families seeking treatment receive the help they truly need.  This will ultimately create a stronger organization that will experience less turnover (staff and clients) and greater growth.
If you are in need of consulting services, please contact me so we can discuss the specific needs of your organization.